Jungle Fever by Lello Fusco

Lello Fusco is an italian Dj and producer based in Naples. He started playing records in the 90s and has a background based on funk, disco and jazz music. Over the years he has gone through house music, deep house, tech house with a very personal style. Currently he plays and produces downbeat, tropical house, electro-world, deep-ethno. Recently he has releases on Shango records, Lump records, Kosá Records. This is the second release on Ohxala Records.

Jungle fever:
Jungle Fever is the new EP of Lello Fusco on ohxalá Records. This EP is made of 2 tracks. Jungle Fever gives the name to this EP and the 4/4 groove skillfully blends with soft sounds and ethnic vocals. A remix by Jack Essek is present in the EP.
The second track contains a guitar as the main element around which all the groove is built. The EP contains a remix of South Soul by Tribu Oro.

Artwork by Renato Rocha
Mastered at Ohxalá Records Studio in Porto, Portugal
released November 25, 2019

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