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Barra Funda EP by Spaniol

Barra Funda is something of a homecoming for Brazilian producer Spaniol. The EP takes inspiration from the neighbourhood (barra funda) in São Paulo where Spaniol (Felipe Torquato) grew up as a kid and rediscovered when coming back from a long year touring around the world.

The music is inspired by Felipe’s walks down the streets of the neighbourhood, originally known for its community of Spanish immigrants, going to the local park, Agua Branca, or visiting the neighbourhood’s numerous strange bars.

Opener Moinho is the name of a favela in Barra Funda where, over the past year there have been increasing confrontations between the local community and the police. In February 2017 Felipe met a young kid called Everson while working on the soundtrack for a public theatre piece. The two bonded over their love of rap and poetry and the result is this heady mix of baile funk, deep-dark, organic electronica and Everson’s gravely rap verses.

The EP closes with epic instrumental Asturias, which features guitars played by Felipe (one of the first real pieces he learnt) and is a homage to the producer’s own Spanish heritage.

Agua Branca takes its name, and its inspiration, from a park just two blocks down from where Felipe lives and where he used to play as a kid. Today it has been transformed with an incredible café and has become a nature reserve.

Lavradio is the name of Felipe’s street in Barra Funda and was written alongside Agustin (Barrio Lindo) when he stayed at Spaniol’s place. Agustín was one of Felipe’s first contacts in the scene and the two have built up a close relationship over the years.

Artwork: Clau Smith
released February 26, 2018