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Mamari by Muito Kaballa

Mamari is the title song to the forthcoming album of the same name by Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble from Cologne, Germany, which will be released at end of May on outernational Brussels label Rebel Up Records. It represents the vast musical development of the Muito Kaballa project since the release of the first album ‘Everything is Broke’ in 2019 on German label Switchstance Recordings.

Muito Kaballa, also known as Niklas Mündemann, started out as a one-man show on the streets and quickly gained attention through his loopstation performances. After the recording of the first album Niklas Mündemann wanted to move away from the entertainer image and explore new musical ideas. When he met musician Jan Janzen, the two instantly decided to create a band and take the project to the next level with heavy influences of afrobeat, jazz, funk and grooves and joined by 7 more members.

“When I first wrote Mamari, I wanted to create a song that I could play alone while singing along to it. The heart of the piece is the groove that moves forward fast and at the same time stumbles. Like riding a bike with bent wheels or like the way camels move, which is called pace gait, in arabic: Mamari.“ – Till Weise, bassist of Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble and composer of… more
released March 13, 2021
recorded & mixed by Stefano Manca (Sudestudio, IT)
mastered by Frederic Alstadt (Angstrom Studio, BE)