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Lead Bird by Poupa Honk on Folcore Records

After working the recent past years with other musicians and after trying to move away from the digital world – during the production of Golden Lowness or concert experiences – I returned for this album to my first inspiration, but with a new sound in my head, warmer and – despite the method used – more organic.

Made in macrophotography and without special effects, the visual of the album was inspired by the same reflections on the encounter between the inert and the living, synthetic and natural.

Lead birds, a lost soldier, a plane wreck in a desolate landscape. If this staging well represents my concerns when in the future of our civilization, I have to reassure you: I am already working on a new album and I remain convinced that there is always the opportunity to rebuild something, even on seemingly sterile soil. – Poupa Honk

released April 28, 2020

Read more about Lead Bird here >>

All tracks* home made by Poupa Honk >>

Executive production: Poupa Honk & Folcore Records
Edited by Folcore Records >>
Mastered by Stéphane Kroug at Electric Room Mastering Studio >>

Pictures captured by Poupa Honk

* May contain traces of lead, plastic and other synthetic material