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klein gevaarlijk afval by schroothoop

Brussels-based trio schroothoop (Dutch for ‘junk yard’) is formed by Rik Staelens (wind & string instruments), Timo Vantyghem (bass & clarinet) and Margo Maex (percussion).

In May 2020, they released their tribal oriented mini-album ‘Klein Gevaarlijk Afval (translates Small Hazardous Waste), featuring homemade instruments built from lost and found objects like scrap wood, old metal or anything that would end up in a landfill. The band’s music is infused with sounds from around the world orchestrated by PVC flute melodies, jerry can beats and washtub bass lines. The trio effortlessly incorporates Northern African Chaabi, jazz and reggaeton with Eastern melodies and Afro-Cuban rhythms, resulting in a danceable and hypnotic trip through the Brussels melting pot.

David ‘Dijf’ Sanders post-produced and mixed the album. He was given ‘carte blanche’ to immerse the sound of schroothoop in his experimental universe of exotica and electronica. Thanks to Dijf the basses sound deeper, sweatier and darker, the reverb richer and the delay longer.

Schroothoop came into being on the border of the buroughs Jette and Laken. Some would call it the residential ‘nothing… more
released May 27, 2020

Recorded on January 6, 2020 by Dries Robbe, Michaël Borgers and Emma George at GC de Rinck (Anderlecht).
Mixed / Post-produced by David ‘Dijf’ Sanders
Mastered by Jürgen De Blonde
Vinyl mastering & lacquer cut by Fred Alstadt
Artwork by illustrator Eva Lynen
Released on Rebel Up Records / Stadskanker