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Jungle Hideout by Sorcerer

“Jungle Hideout” is the third album from California native Daniel Judd, aka Sorcerer. Dan has wide ranging Influences; from 80s electro-pop, disco, psychedelia, kraut-rock (Kraftwerk, Can etc.) through to 70s style “smooth music” like Steely Dan, ELO and Fleetwood Mac. Dan started his life as a founding member of San Francisco pop group “Call And Response”, whose releases on Emperor Norton have garnered comparisons to Stereolab amongst others.

Our debut 12″ vinyl on the Real Balearic label was Sorcerers “Video Magic”, its sunny vibes and top draw remixes really did the business back in the summer of 2016. Featured on the album “Video Magic” is one the albums “endless summer” grooves. The lazy guitar of “Pop Harder”, The shimmering chords of “Secret Agent” and the smooth picked lines of “Master Cruncher” the others to complete the Balearic sun quotient on this album.

Tracks such as the Xylophone festooned “Afro Heaven”, the leftfield crunchy beat “Kookerz” and the staccato punch-drunk groove of “Revenge of The Ninja” all show the quirky, inventive directions that Dan has been able to experiment with on his third album.

Cuts such “Intimacy File” (with a middle 8 to die… more
released January 13, 2017

All music performed and written by Daniel Saxon Judd.
Recorded @ Sorcerer Studios West.
Published by Dharma Songs / Airbrush Dragon (ASCAP).
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor.
Artwork by Richard Robinson.
Thanks to Lindsay, Theo, Dream Chimney, Beat Broker, Hatchback & Shock.

(P) & (C) 2016 Real Balearic