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[GHR25] Fungi by QOSQI

QOSQI – Fungi
I chose Fungi for the album name because it tastes good and sounds like a swinging rhythm. Likewise the fusion of the organic electronica that you can hear from the album. Fungi is a mix of round shaped electronic music, dancing, travelling and lost and found sounds. Cooked with grinded spices; worldmusic, field-recordings, dubby cumbia and other South-American flavours. Andean instrument Hatun Charango gives lightness for bass frenquencies. I create mellow and exiting vibes that carries listener to the different spaces. Montreal based artist Diana León is featuring in two songs.

Fungi is a latin term for mushrooms. The species that is widely spread under the forest. What we see is a small part of the bigger picture. Under the ground there is unknown and fascinating cooperation with myceliums and roots of trees and plants.

Artist bio
My name is QOSQI or Teemu Raudaskoski by my real name. I come from northern Finland but now I live in Tampere. I experience music strongly, both visually and physically. I mix traditional music and new sounds into a collage. Electronic world music is a living folklore. It’s interesting combine of impressions from different… more
released April 30, 2021

Mastered & Distributed by GLOBAL HYBRID RECORDS