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Franca – Microdosing (TTR075) by Franca

April is here already, and to celebrate Brazilian autumn, we bring you this beautiful EP by the lovely Franca.

Hailing from amsterdam, Franca is appreciated around the globe for her energetic, creative and groove-driven DJ sets. Resident with the Kater Blau Club and a regular on music festivals such as Fusion, Garbicz and Burning man, she has left her mark with music lovers all over the world. Playing on the fringes of techno and house, she’s as tight on the controls as she is playful in her storytelling. This and her unique ability to feel the audience, space and time is one of her true trademarks and can also be heard in her own productions. Her work as a producer has been continuously taking shape signing with labels such as Get Physical, URSL, Kiosk. I.D. Feines Tier, Gardens of Babylon, Akasha MX.

So now we enter the low tones. In her EP “Microdosing”, Franca invites you to do just this. Once there, travel with her on a deep and grooving jaunt that leads you to a land of curiously uplifting downtempo. The result is an EP proving that slow(er) is still quite the rush.

Featuring two original tracks “Microdosing” and “Nootropic” and a remix of each (care of David Hasert & Francesco Mami… more
released April 6, 2021