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Something Deep Inside by Ralph Weeks

Last summer, Ralph Weeks, together with Names You Can Trust and Combo Lulo, reimagined and re-recorded his iconic soul ballad “Something Deep Inside” for a new generation of record connoisseurs and disc jocks. The impetus of that studio project began as an homage to Weeks’ elusive originals, two rare versions that have achieved cult status among today’s soul and latin music collectors. Flash back to some 50 years ago with Ralph Weeks, and discover how these two sessions birthed an underappreciated musical legacy in both New York and Panama, with The Telecasters and Los Dinámicos Exciters, respectively.

Weeks’ voice and writing are in full force on these recordings, having been born out of his work with Johnny & The Expressions in 1965-66, and further refined during countless live shows throughout the heyday of the Brooklyn-based Panamanian music circuit, beginning around 1967. At that time, Ralph and The Telecasters began a brief but popular run in the Crown Heights (Brooklyn) circuit, experimenting and fusing the sounds of soul with the diverse sounds of Panama’s Combo Nacionales, as well as the deep Afro-Caribbean sounds that reverberated throughout the city from Puerto Rico and the West Indies. The group’s most popular tune… more
released July 17, 2020

Written & Arranged by Ralph Weeks.

Side A with The Telecasters.
Originally released 1969, Brooklyn.

Side B with Los Dinámicos Exciters.
Originally released 1972, Panama.

Remastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, London.

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