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Flight Club №50 — DJ BIRCH

The trees are swaying calmly in this balmy breeze.

The heat today was challenging, but as our burning star begins to hide for the night, temperatures return to a milder range. Fireflies start to swarm around you and cicadas are chirping in the distance. Feels good to be out of the city for once.

The asphalt jungle chased you away with its shimmering streets and emetic green bins and you’ve found refuge in the lush and lazy countryside. Among trees and meadows you wind down from the stress that comes with a modern life.

But hey!
One of those birch trees doesn’t quite fit with the rest.
And with a closer look you realise:
It’s DJ BIRCH, swaying with the rest of the white barked giants, creaking as she moves from side to side. You decide to approach her and as you get within a few feet, the creaking turns into a rhythm that makes you sway as well.

And so you all sway through the night until the big red burning star shows herself again behind a hill.

(@djversity | @featfem)

Photo credits: @deinbollek