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Sonidos De La Selva (Organic/Ethnic/Tribal Downtempo MIx)

In honor of this passing full moon and the beginning of this new lunar year, as well as a gift to all my beautiful followers which have recently reached over 10k here on Instagram… I am very happy to share with you a new set available for listening exclusively on my SoundCloud & Youtbe channel!

I recorded this set live while playing in in the jungle of tulum on ancient sacred land next to a beautiful cenote, which are mysterious fresh water holes that exist only in the carribean of Mexico.

This is my take on what a good vibe daytime jungle set sounds like, so I’ve decided to call it “Sonidos de la Selva” , staying true to the organic ancient sound of my music and Tulum.

It was a beautiful celebration sharing music alongside other great artists @yosoymommusic @paaxtulum @_lemurian_ & @yahir_samael

Thank you so much to everyone around the world who is following me and resonating with my art and journey, you are helping me to continue live my dreams and channel the message that the universe is speaking through me

Art by @eltripador

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