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Moon by AVEM + Mawa

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Ahoj Astronuts!

For centuries humans and animals alike have been wondering, what is going on up on that silver ball in the sky, that is appearing during night time (and sometimes also when it’s bright). There have been countless myths around the moon – some are funny, some are weird, but we finally discovered what has really been happening all this time:

There is a rave going on, and might we say, it’s a pretty slow one for that matter. We also sent a mission up there, to confirm our findings and pump some fresh tunes in the grey desert.

Manned by Suisse based AVEM and Mawa from the LOKD brigade, our rocket ship set out for earth’s little sibling. Just like Apollo in its day they packed a variety of earths finest sounds whipped up into an interstellar EP that features four spacious but heartfelt songs and three reinterpretations, thought of by some of our finest friends: DAENGER, Gun!lla and JOIA.

You wanted to go with them?
Well, gladly there’s this little Taxi here, that makes the travel at least once a day, but if you slide the sloth behind the wheel… more
released July 16, 2020

Written & produced by Boris and Manuel
VCO1 was remixed by DAENGER
Noch Nicht was remixed by Gun!lla
Enough For Now was remixed by JOIA
Mastering by Tilmann Eimicke (Haunted Water)
Artwork by Daensen