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Gqom Plug by Qhizzo

Gqom Plug could not have been named more appropriately. This EP is born out of Qhizzo’s passion for the gqom genre, and is fueled by his endless positivity and formidable aptitude for collaborations, the core ingredients which make up this solid EP.

The history between Qhizzo and Akwaaba started with the release of Aero Manyelo’s album Herbs Abroad in 2014, on the song Bum Jive, which features Qhizzo’s vocals, and was in turn featured in Fader magazine. Bum Jive also marked Qhizzo’s first collaboration with director and deep house producer Eltonnick, who like Aero Manyelo is featured on this EP.

Aero Manyelo and Qhizzo have continued to work together, and this EP being on Akwaaba is the fruit of their latest collaboration on the track Qhoqhoqho. Qhizzo’s humble and positive personality landed him several other collaborations with rising producers from the gqom scene: “I connected with EmoKidSA on Facebook, I praised his work and suggested doing a track with him, and that’s how Ang’lalanga then later Vosho came up”. Similar story with TLC Fam: “I was browsing through some new gqom joints and loved their production, I contacted them, they knew me already so it was easy, they gave me Plug”.

Plugging gqom means a lot to Qhizzo, because the genre is particularly close to his heart. “I was a fan of gqom from the beginning, I love the sound with all my heart, and now I can say I’m deep into gqom, I want to take it to the world, show them that this is our culture today”.
released June 15, 2018