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Eros by Culture Crush

– Agustin Della Croce: Synthesizers in “Espiral” and “Eros”
– Cristian Galindo: Synthesizers in “Espiral”
– Danyle: Sampler in “Negro” and “Espiral”, Synthesizers in Negro and Transparencia.
– Carl Bahner: Fretless bass, samples and shouts “Why” in “Negro”.
– Maru Pardo Saguier: Vocals in “Eros”.
– Culture Crush: Vocals, keyboards, orchestral arrangements, sampler, and programming in all tracks.

All the songs were composed by Culture Crush.

– Recorded between May 2019 and September 2020 at:
– Portátil Studio, Berlin – Germany,
– Kimono Studio, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
– Carl Bahner Studio, Lancaster – EEUU.

– “Espiral” Martin Misenta + Culture Crush.
– “Negro” Carl Bahner + CC.
– “Transparencia” and “Eros” Culture Crush… more
released March 31, 2021