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Alborada by uji


Uji spins a hypnotic spell of sounds on debut solo release; “Alborada”.

“Alborada” pays homage to the moment where the darkness and the mysteries of night transform into new possibilities with the first light of daybreak. Electronic production and alchemy never felt so close; creating an overall infectious enchantment that feels ancient at its core while exuding a variety of tasteful sounds from today.

Uji (Luis Maurette) is a nomadic electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised throughout Latin America. Half of the pioneering duo “Lulacruza” since its inception in 2005, with whom he has released 5 albums, a feature film and multiple world tours. His music is dance floor bound: rooted in various indigenous traditions while borrowing from the aesthetics and sound design of electronic music. With his new solo project he has already toured extensively around Europe, the US and Latin America even before his debut album has yet to drop.

Reflecting his experiences in both the Latin American and Afro-Latin diasporas, Uji´s enchantment seems to suspend time, encompassing the present while drawing from primal essences ingrained in our collective unconscious, enrapturing us in the ritual of dance. On tracks like “La Descarriá” featuring Corina Lawrence and Miss Bolivia… more

released June 8, 2018