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DjBoNniek And Mongs feat. Angie Purple – Moonlite by DjBoNniek And Mongs feat. Angie Purple

Dj BoNniek teams up with Mongs and Angie Purple for the latest release of Deep Soul Space Records and they deliver a deep & mellow nusoul gem with 3 additional mixes by Elias Tzikas, Aris Kokou & Chris Deepak.
Elias Tzikas’ mix comes straight out of the pure old classy house days and has the 90’s groove & feeling all over the track while Aris Kokou drives the song into deeper and more soulful paths with a jazz flavor. Finally Chris Deepak’s mix is more dubby giving the track a dreamy & mystic feel.

released November 20, 2016

Written and Produced by DjBoNniek and Mongs
Cover by Deep Soul Space
Mastering by Bryan Shordeli