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El Caribe (feat. Ghetto Kumbé) by Mawimbi

More than two years after it was initiated, Mawimbi’s collaboration with Colombian sensations Ghetto Kumbe (ZZK Records) is finally being released. “El Caribe” is the second ever original production from Paris-based collective Mawimbi and the first extract from Mawimbi’s debut album, to be released in 2021.

While Ghetto Kumbe was gathering an ever wider support from their amazing shows across Europe, the band set up their European home in Paris. Mawimbi managed to set up a session in July of 2018 at Andreas Tome’s studio in the 10th district of Paris, with no other goal than experiment and see what could come out of their shared love for afro-electronic sounds. Mawimbi and Ghetto Kumbe later got to know each other a bit more by crossing paths at various festivals and gigs. They got back to the studio one year later, enjoying the opportunity given by another Ghetto Kumbe European tour to record new ideas and give the track its final form.

What came out of these studio sessions and nascent friendship is nothing less than a true crossover hit! Drawing from Carribean dance styles such as cumbia and dancehall, “El Caribe” is a heartfelt tribute to the Carribean coast of Colombia. With catchy sing-along hooks and spicy percussion patterns, “El Caribe” switches between true joy and nostalgia, evoking the lively childhood of the Ghetto Kumbé boys on the banks of the Carribean Coast, a feeling that never leaves them.
released October 30, 2020

Written and produced by Mawimbi & Ghetto Kumbé
Words by Ghetto Kumbé
Mixed by Nicolas Taite
Mastered by Cem Oral
Artwork by Michaël Sallit

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