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Eco (V​.​A​.​) by Shika Shika

Two years of music without borders

We celebrate two years of Shika Shika with the release of our third compilation: Eco.

Eco sums up what Shika Shika is about – the global reverberations of styles, genres, traditions and sounds moving around the world and fusing to create inspiring new music. We call it music without borders and on Eco we present 11 tracks that are exactly that.

The tracks we hand-picked for Eco draw inspiration from traditional rhythms, stories and melodies and fuse them with individual inspirations, sounds from nature and electronic music. This is exemplified on Di Laif’s anthemic opener “Paso Por el Fuego” or Guazú’s incredible “Pava de Monte” featuring Wenceslada. Some artists like Jin Jerei and Oxhalá take us on a journey deep into their roots while others like Didacte and O.R. create atmospheric textural, electronic-organic soundscapes. Ibu Selva’s “Chega de Esperar” is a rework of a Brazilian agrarian reform anthem while Klik & Frik offer up a beautiful edit of Hassan Ben Jaafar, a master of Moroccan Gnawa music.

It is hard to believe it has been two years since Shika Shika was started as a platform to showcase some of the music we truly loved from the thriving community from Sao Paulo to Seoul. Two years of connections, exchanges, ideas, new sounds and, most of all, incredible support and feedback from the people who listen & buy this music all over the world. We started Shika Shika as a way to give exposure and support to this community, sharing 70% of all the profits with the artists directly, and are inspired to continue pushing the music we love.

released November 28, 2017

Artwork: Clau Smith:
Mastering: Rob Small