Buraka 4 Ever by Buraka Som Sistema

Some bands can go on hiatus, but Buraka is 4 Ever. With numerous studio albums, singles and mixtapes, which have solidified their revolutionary role in forever changing the Portuguese music scene, what their numerous enduring followers remember most vividly is their explosive and unmistakeable high-energy live show. In a time where those live experiences seem so distant from our present reality, it seemed all the more important to relive those moments of celebration where Buraka Som Sistema’s music truly came alive: on a massive stage in front of thousands of fans. For the fifth anniversary of Buraka Som Sistema’s 2016 farewell show in their hometown of Lisbon, Portugal – and the 15th anniversary of their debut EP – we’re celebrating this important milestone by releasing ‘Buraka 4 Ever’, an album created from the recordings of this legendary concert where the band’s most iconic songs were last performed in front of a roaring live audience. credits released July 2, 2021 Recorded live at Globaile, Lisbon on July 1st 2016 All tracks performed live by Buraka Som Sistema. ‘Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)’ includes additional vocals by Pongo and ‘Komba’ includes additional vocals by Kaysha. ‘Hangover (Bababa)’ includes an excerpt from ‘Hangover (Bababa) [Munchi Airhorn Alert Remix]’. Edited by Buraka Som Sistema and Artur David Mixed by Artur David at BelaFlor Recording Studios Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios Artwork and Design by Studio Bruto + Oscar Maia. Cover photography by Luís Moreira