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Cuando oigo sonar la caja (Ruido Selecto Remix) by Tremor & Soema Montenegro

-en castellano más abajo-

About: Soema Montenegro
Soema Montenegro is an experimental singer and songwriter based in Buenos Aires who mixes the sounds and images of the jungle and mountain landscapes with her original poetry, creating a new and unique voice in the current music scene of South America.
Its charming theatrical and emotional narrative transcends language and transports listeners. Owner of a unique style, the singer and composer from Buenos Aires reaffirms her musical identity based on the mixture of landscapes, sound and poetic experiences. The earth sings through her voice.

About: Tremor
TREMOR, this three piece band’ s inventive sound blends cutting edge electronic composition and sound manipulation with traditional folkloric influences. Their sound is equal parts electronic music and native drum and
owes as much to anthropology as it does to popular music.
Tremor combines rhythms and sound across genre borders, fitting component parts of varying tradition together in eloquent symmetry breaking sound barriers across South… more
Cuando oigo sonar la caja
me voy y me voy
Se me hace que todo tengo
La flor que me gusta
la corto y me voy

Cantando esta vidala
me voy y me voy
Con las coplas me mantengo
La flor que me gusta
la corto y me voy

De las piedras nace el agua
me voy y me voy
De los árboles, el viento
La flor que me gusta
la corto y me voy
released September 13, 2020
Produced by Tremor
Vocals by Soema Montenegro
Remix & Mastering by Ruido Selecto
Artwork: coreographix /
Executive Production: Folcore Records & Fértil Discos
El Camino de Leda project:
El Camino de Leda (album):