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Mateo Kingman – Lluvia (Jhon Montoya Remix)

Following the first year of Mateo Kingman’s international touring, AYA Records – new imprint from ZZK Records – is releasing a collection of remixes from his debut album “Respira” (breathe). Few times have we had such an overwhelming response to a new album by an up and coming artist and it’s heart-warming to find his work so inspiring for musicians and producers from around the globe. With versions from Japan (Ground), Chile (Matanza) passing through the United States (Jeffrey Paradise from Poolside) amongst others. We can see how songs mutate and adopt new personalities in different hands, exploring new atmospheres and rhythms, down tempos in dynamic songs, inflections and accents, textures and new attributes that appear as the essence of artistic expression and collaboration. This creative transmission attests to an endless quality of the original material.