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Garifuna Remixed 02: Phil Nicholas by Phil Nicholas

In 2007 Phil was introduced to the music of Andy Palacio at a studio session with Fat Boy Slim in Ambergris Caye, Belize. This sparked his interest in working with the unique, rich sounds of the Garifuna and, so, led him to Stonetree Records and Ivan Duran.

Over the past ten years Phil helped to build up the Stonetree recording studio in San Ignacio, and introduced keyboards into the Garifuna music – recording with Aurelio for the Album Laru Beya, and performing live at Womad and other UK venues. Spending a few months a year in Belize, Phil has also been involved with the Garifuna Collective, making music with them (in both jamming and live sessions) and sharing his approach to remixing some of their works.

Back in his UK studio, as he became more familiar with the Garifuna music and its musicians, Phil started working on remixes, weaving in modern sounds, beats and synthesized keyboard effects. He always aimed to preserve, and even amplify, those core melodies and natural grooves which truly distinguish the original tracks.

“Their vocals, guitar and bass speak for themselves and are the sound of the unique spirit of the Garifuna.”

Whether heard live on the beaches of Belize, or on the dance-floor of a London Club, I aim to honour and respect that spirit.

“But I want more people to hear and enjoy it.”
released September 15, 2017

All songs originally recorded by The Garifuna Collective, Umalali and Aurelio for Stonetree Records
all remixes by Phil Nicholas
mixed and mastered by Subtone

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