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Encebra by Daniele Baldelli And DJ Rocca

After releasing their 2017 ablum ‘Quagga’ they return with a EP consisting of one original and 3 remixes from the likes of Diskette, Domestic Technology and Faint Waves.

Both Baldelli and Dj Rocca, have showcased their wide ranging sound palette through their productions, as well as successful DJ careers (Baldelli starting in the late 70’s) Infusing African styles with obscure disco, electronica, and beyond to create flowing rhythmic experiences, perfectly suited to the Real Balearic identity.

The release opens with the original from the pair, Encebra. Expect to hear a down-tempo, low slung groove with chunky percussion. Thick harmonious drones sweep across the sonic field. As the track pleasantly progresses, so do the dulcet melodies and smooth keys. This track have been finely crafted and opens up many avenues of remix possibilities.

Diskette offers a more uplifting remix, slightly faster than the original with subtle new additions. The drums are lighter than the original and this coincides with the delicate, chime-like melody that has been introduced with care, as it floats around the track.

The Second edit comes from the Russian producer, Domestic Technology. His version has tropical feel, with funky… more
released November 22, 2019

Written and Produced by Daniele Baldelli & Luca Roccatagliati.
Mixed by Luca Roccatagliati at MarsLife Studio, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Published by Copyright Control.

(P) & (C) 2019 Real Balearic