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Craca – Humo Serrapilheira (TTR082) by Craca

We’re pleased to host the new EP, “Humo Serrapilheira”, from the master, music producer and visual artist Craca!

Craca is the ‘alterego’ of music producer and visual artist Felipe Julián, considered “a kind of Amon Tobin pulled from Tom Zé”. A trash-messianic being that rises from the depths to establish playful chaos at parties and festival stages, putting the audience to dance with his surrealist performance of music in sync with videomapped image.
His projects received several awards, such as the Brazilian Music Award, the Music Professionals Award and the Catavento Trophy for his body of work.
In his journey through the surface, he shared the stage with Bnegão, Luedji, Gog, Ilu Obá de Min, Juçara Marçal, Lurdez da Luz, Badi Assad among others.
Whether in solo performances, in tight holes in the electronic underground, in a house flooded with water up to your knees, or in big festivals accompanied by 30 other musicians at the same time, Craca’s musical projects have already set foot in Norway, France, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Germany, Argentina, Chile and Northern Ireland in addition to dozens of Brazilian cities.

With 4 original tracks, slower BPM than previous works and wider melodies recorded with string instruments, this EP points the compass for this Latin America still with “Open Veins” as revealed by argentinian E. Galeano. This uninterrupted “Terra em Transe” (land in trance), as shown by Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha. Fruit of countless forced immigrations put in conflict with some of the most sophisticated native civilizations.
Humo Serrapilheira is rebirth and cycle. It is an ode to the geography of this solar continent inhabited by conflicts and celebrations, harsh repressions, carnivals and military dictatorships. Music about cycles. Music to dance and celebrate but above all, music to move.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Curated by: Palmer

Cover Art: Juliana Lira

Masters: Craca

released April 29, 2022

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