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Botanas: DJ Raff by DJ Raff

Shika Shika’s Botanas series is back for the last single of 2020, presenting two tracks by London based Chilean producer DJ Raff. In a break from some of this previous work, Raff approached these two tracks as if they were in a song form rather than ready made for DJs and the club. The result is two beautifully deep and addictive tracks featuring Raff’s signature sampling genius, sliced vocals and finely tuned production.

In Raff’s own words:
“Both of these tracks take elements and sonic inspiration from Africa, afro-latino percussion and layers of synth. This approach helped me tell a story with a simple concept: on Lejos the feeling of being far away from home or on Que Llueva, which represents the incredible moment of calm just before a storm, before the raindrops start to fall, the lightning strikes and the wind picks up.

Botanas vuelve una vez más con la última entrega del año, presentando DJ RAFF productor chileno con base en London.

En sus palabras:

“Para Botanas decidí componer un par de tracks que estuvieran más cercanos a un formato de canción que a música… more
released November 6, 2020

Produced by DJ Raff