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Ave Reina Mora by Tremor


ZZK Records is proud to announce the long-awaited return of Tremor. Pioneers in mixing Latin American folklore with sound experimentation, the band have been going strong for over a decade, and they’re back with the release of the “Ave Reina Mora” EP: delicate, introspective and psychedelic.

Leo Martinelli, Camilo Carabajal and Gerardo Farez surprise us again with another cut that rejects any kind of formula, exploring an innovative, sophisticated musical universe with highly visual and simulating compositions. There is a playfulness that runs throughout the record, evoking an interstellar lullaby, inspired by the fact that three members of the group had kids almost at the same time during the band’s hiatus. The project’s evolution can be seen in the renewal of a material that is still very much their own sound but one that takes on a new layer of sensitivity, perfectly balancing experimentation with charm.

Once again Andrés Oddone is on the mixing desk while Sebastián Cordovés takes care of the mastering. Leo Martinelli takes the lead vocals on the five songs that make up this release. The cover art is by the talented Gisela Faure, capturing and summing up the theme of the record: a delicate organic and digital collage.

released November 17, 2017