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Boombah – Various Artists by Discos Peligrosa

BOOMBAH brings together three new pounding tracks of Boombahchero, an ever-expanding genre of shifting syncopations and driving kick drums. Originating as the convergence of Moombahton and 3ball Guarachero in Texas at the beginning of the decade, Boombahchero has bloomed into an underground global sound that combines the primordial nature of dance with the future of electronic music. Featuring DJs/producers Gingee, First Gift, and Dead Stare, BOOMBAH presents three distinctively raucous interpretations of Boombahchero in a language of vibrant electronic tones and grimy heavy dance beats.

Gingee pulls from her LA upbringing and Filipino heritage for her track Abentura, as she opens this EP with a stalking and forceful baseline that disappears and reappears. Abentura moves on a high jabbing melodic phrase that morphs among synthetic voices reminiscent of mechanical birds and bugs. Underneath, a powering beat of drums, pieces of metal and wood, and white noise, balancing the track somewhere between the wild and sophisticated.

Colored by a collage of indiscernible vocal samples and punctuated with the question “do we have the right to choose,” First Gift builds the apocalyptic drama that swells from his track Junk. Tones akin to car horns and buzzers resonate as he propels the track with a synth melody that puts you in the center of a treacherous modern landscape.

Dead Stare, the international producer duo of Gergo (Hungary) and DJ Broken Record (Santa Rosa, CA), return to Discos Peligrosa to bring what they call “Mexican/Hungarian bass music” to Boombahchero.

BOOMBAH captures the newest wave of Boombahchero as a scene of global minds and releases January 25th on Discos Peligrosa.

Artwork by Orion
Words by
released January 25, 2019