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嘘​み​た​い​な​世​界​で​踊​れ (Dancing Pikapika) (CMR​-​39) by Saeko Killy

We live in a world of lies.
They do what they want in other world
and we are the ones to pay the price

Oh, I can’t do it

My friend, enslaved
She’s exhausted, she can’t think
They suck our blood, and when we break, they throw us away

No, I can’t do it

They control with the obsession of fear
The oil of greed makes their faces shine&shine
Smart women are off-limits

No no, I can’t do it


Produce & Mix: Killy ( )

Master: Kabamix (

Art: Mt.chills ( )

Release date: 8 April 2021

Many thanks to Gats (Guitar on#2)& Bahwaka(Voice on#1)


Killy /SaekoKilly, from Tokyo, is a Berlin-based DJ, vocalist, and producer.
She has been active in the Tokyo scene as DJ since 2004
and is a member of VOODOOHOP collective from São Paulo since 2019.
Started producing weird pop songs since the pandemic started.
Her debut EP ‘DANCING PIKAPIKA’ is now released from ChillMountainRec(JPN).
She also sings in the song ’Die in Seconds’ by Automatenfall which will be released on the compilation, ‘VAX!’ from SAMEHEADS on 1st May.


released April 15, 2021