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This mixtape called “PACÍFICO” was recorded in 2012 by Volatille Ferreira (or his alter ego CAPIVARA). Born in Piaui, northeast of Brazil, Volatille moved to Sao Paulo where he becomes a vibrant entity of the alternative art scene, plrudisciplinary artist he reveals creativity and magic in everything he touches, playing joyfully between all types of languages and medias. In this legendary mixtape he captures the colourful essence of Brazilian rhythms and sound.

In January, our dear friend Volatille had a stroke and is now waiting in line to be treated by the Brazilian public health care system. His state is very delicate and he needs urgent care.
We are raising donations to help his family pay for treatment and other costs that may arise. Everything is very urgent right now, if you can, please help this amazing artist to survive.

♡ we want to see this smile for much longer ♡
instagram @volatille5tudio

Mungagá – Pedro santos
Hulla Hulla – Rita Lee
Peasant Dance – Airton Moreira
Criançola – Sorongo
Maria Bethânia – Caetano Veloso
Le Serpente – Guem & Zaka
No balanço da canoa – Rosângela & Marcelo Yuka
Couleur Café – Serge Gainsbourg
Mistura N 4 – Mestre Geraldo e Sua Bateria
La girafe Mambo – Choco & His
A morte da capoeira – Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu
Eu só vim Aqui – Baião de Princesas
Coco – Quinteto Violado
A sala tá Cheia – Baião de Princesas
Ciranda Indiana – Mawaca
Forro do Sertão – Assião
Gírias do Norte – Marinês
Avohai – Zé Ramalho
Desterro – Comadre Florzinha
Bolo de Forno – Luiz Gonzaga
Diga Ela – Gilberto Gil
Gente Aberta – Erasmo Carlos
Eumir Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra