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Union (V​.​A​.​) by Shika Shika

We have noticed one thing over the years of playing shows, meeting artists, exchanging music and having conversations with people all over the world. That we are surrounded by a community of musicians, producers and music lovers which acts as an inspiring, uniting force. For that reason this fourth Shika Shika compilation is called Union or Unión: “the action of joining together or the fact of being joined together”.

These are 13 tracks of music without borders, music that unites, music that brings together different styles, rhythms, influences, languages and cultures to create something richer, something fresh, something different. That is how music evolves and has always evolved, uniting sounds and creating something new.

We are really happy to present lots of artists who are new to the Shika Shika collective alongside some old friends. Hard to categorise so we let the tracks speak for themselves.

We hope you enjoy our homage to unity, thank you for the support and thank you to all the talented artists for sharing their music with us!
released September 20, 2018

Artwork: Maggie Chiang (
Mastering: Rob Small (