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Travesía EP by sonikgroove


‘Travesía’ is the Spanish word for a crossing journey. It is also the name that the most recent work of DJ and producer Sonikgroove well embraces.

Let yourself traverse through Latin America immersed in the underground clubs of its endless spirited cities and history; passing across the deepest jungles and imposing mountains of Los Andes, all the way to the exotic beaches of the Afro-Caribbean.

The first three songs are chill, meditative and still danceable; where dub, cumbia and electronic instruments blend together setting the listener like sipping a magic ancient shaman’s brew. ‘Yela’, the fourth track, is an instant hit; an Afro-Colombian funk rhythm with ceaseless pulsing guitars, vocal samples and deep synths that will keep you dancing from beginning to end.”


‘Travesía’ es el trabajo más reciente del DJ y productor Sonikgroove.

Atraviesa Latinoamérica inmerso en los interminables clubs underground de sus vibrantes ciudades e historia; pasando por las selvas más profundas y las imponentes montañas de… more
released October 30, 2020

All songs produced, recorded and mixed by Sonikgroove.
Mastered at Audio Animals.

GOZALOW © 2020

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