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Tierra de King Coya by King Coya


Folklore for the Dance Floor

The latest sonic adventure by King Coya, danceable alter ego of Gaby Kerpel (De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta) a pioneer of Latin American folklore fused with electronic music, is called “Tierra de King Coya” (Land of King Coya) – a land where rhythms such as the wayno and instruments from the Andes like the ronroco and tarka, are digitally intertwined with the ritual of dance and celebration. Like a sorcerer from the future, King Coya creates a map of sound exploration navigating the continent through his digital lens. On his 2nd full length album he lays down his own vocals while also plays a smattering of live instruments.

Since his debut as King Coya with “Cumbias de Villa Donde” (2009) Gaby has produced remixes for artists such as Amadou & Mariam, Brazilian Girls, Julieta Venegas, Luzmila Carpio, Chancha Via Circuito, Tom Tom Club, Petrona Martinez and Magin Díaz amongst others. He also formed part of the band Terraplén (2010) produced by Gustavo Santaolalla and the album “Tira Torito” alongside the coplera Balvina Ramos.

The journey through the “Land of King Coya” begins with “Te Digo Wayno” a powerful track that highlights the joy of dance, and acts as a poetic introduction to the Queen Cholas, a dance trio that performs with him during live shows. A true ceremony of celebration that integrates the audience into a singular immersive experience.

The album features diverse guest singers including La Yegros – musical companion from his first shows at Zizek Club and world renown artist for whom he has produced 3 albums – who features on the first single “Algo” (Something) a sort of kuduro mutates into and Andean dub. For the song “Tierra de King Coya” a combination of Colombian buyerengue and Argentine carnavalito we find La Walichera’s enchanting voice. Balvina Ramos collaborates on “Pa que yo Te Cure” a remix of the song “Linda Flor” (Tira Torito – 2012). Iara Nardi – one of the Queen Cholas – jumps in on the track “Pachamá” with airs of a coplera singer over dancehall beats, reinforcing the main objective of bringing folklore to the dance floor.

“Como Saber” (How to know) and “Dorremi” invoke his foundational album “Carnabailito”, (Nonesuch Records 2001) instilling a particular energy to this album that aims to represent the journey in which Gaby Kerpel ultimately becomes King Coya. The end of this road leads to “Icaro Llama Planta” where Isabel Pinedo Rengifo’, a healer from the Shipibo community (Peru), contributes with mystical shamanic chants that invite the listener to reconnect with the earth and give closure to this festive ceremony.

“Tierra de King Coya” drops on ZZK Records on June 15

released June 15, 2018