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The Sunrise by Black Marlin

Black Marlin, AKA Fabiano Van Goo, first released ‘The Sunrise’ seven years ago, but we decided to revisit this much loved track. The Dutch producer’s updated single features remixes from Manuel Costela and Faint Waves, and it toes the line perfectly between Balearic and Chillout.

Equally suitable for the dancefloor and a pair of headphones, Black Marlin’s precise production and his ability to layer musical elements allow the song to occupy varying musical spaces. The release is also perfect preparation for the summer with its sun-soaked, blissful vibe.

An earworm of a piano motif opens up the original mix, followed by a crisp, hip-hop influenced drum machine pattern and an undeniably groovy and tidy bassline. The song’s textures expand and swell into a luscious breakdown before concluding with an immersive, mesmerising outro.

Manuel Costela’s ‘Spanish Reef’ remix ups the funk factor with its syncopated rhythm section while Faint Waves’s up-tempo take is perfect for an early hours club setting.
released March 29, 2019

Written and Produced by Fabiano van Gool.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2019 Real Balearic

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