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Amalaya Edition 030 | Cthulhu (ZA)

Cthulhu is an Avid lover of dark, spacey, intelligent underground music, who in short time, has managed to draw attention from various audiences across the country, with a truly unique ear for the obscure, strange, and arcane. Having started her Dj career professionally early 2018, she has played at some of the best venues and clubbing events around the country. Known for her moody energetic closing sets to more intricately woven downtempo, Cthulhu is a true story teller, who has the perfect blend of unexpected Melancholia A rare and exciting sonic experience, Perfect for eye closed hip swaying dance floor.

“Tentacles reaching towards outer space, eyes like orbs floating underneath. Come and bring destruction to all. Life is so pointless, no one will be saved All shall be eaten, And nobody shall rise! How sweet the name of Cthulhu sounds In raving mystics’ screams! It drives them mad, enflames their brains, and troubles all their dreams”

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