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The Loire Valley Calypsos vs The Great Pink Flamingo by The Loire Valley Calypsos

released April 26, 2019

Thibaut Kret AKA BLIND BUD ; Samuel Gallienne AKA DUKE OF NYLON ; Pierre Pleyber AKA MIGHTY PETE ; Antoine David AKA LORD TITOU

FEATURING : René Lacaille plays accordion on “The Giant Octopus” and “Tiki Tiki Runner”.
Laurène Pierre-Magnani sings on “I wanna go back”. Marc Barotte plays percussions on “The Giant Octopus” and “Jump in the line”.
Every songs by The Loire Valley Calypsos except “Jump in the line” by Lord Kitchener and “I wanna go back” by the Loire Valley Calypsos and Laurène Pierre-Magnani.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in the Loire valley by Freddy Boisliveau AKA Big Fat Freddy. Artwork by Antoine Gadiou. Photos by Fabien Tijou.

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