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The Downside of Being an Asshole EP by Tulioxi

Heimlich Musik’s tenth release is a direct output of Tulioxi developing his new live show: using a broad range of analogue equipment, the four original mixes of „The Downside of Being an Asshole“ EP represent the final result of a constant process of change taking place during many performances played live. While the title track mirrors the somber mood of its name, maestro Curses picks up the „The Downside of Being an Asshole“ in his very unique style and pushes this special kind of mood to the max. „To End up in Dark Mali“ is a modern version of Dark Wave with a recognizable lead synth shaping the tracks’ character. Collaborating between Berlin and Vienna, Local Suicide and Circle Scope strip down the original while adding acid sequences to create a massive dancefloor banger. Tulioxi tells „The Story of Three Sequencers“ using disharmonic synths added to pulsating basslines and drum patterns dominated by powerful claps. The additional remix by Undo makes the bassline the center of attention while adding spheric arpeggios for a rather spacey experience. „Tremal Naik Dance“ is rounding up the EP as a whole with floating pads and dominant arpeggios as a perfect soundtrack for a night drive in the 80s. With „The Downside of Being an Asshole“ the Heimlich journey continues with a powerful EP that can be experienced the best way by visiting one of Tulioxis’s advanced live shows.

released October 18, 2019

Artwork: Vakat
Mastering: Robert Trifunović