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Space Drum Machine (Dam Swindle’s Flute Mix) by The Mauskovic Dance Band

The Dutch takeover of the electronic music scene continues to accelerate, as in-demand DJ/production duo Dam Swindle (formerly known as Detroit Swindle) remix their compatriots, Amsterdam five-piece outfit The Mauskovic Dance Band.

The group released their self-titled debut album in 2019 on Soundway Records, outselling their hugely popular EP “Down In The Basement” on the label the previous year. Now Soundway Records has invited Dam Swindle to remix the album’s lead single “Space Drum Machine”.

“Space Drum Machine” encapsulates the band’s prototypical brand of busy rhythmic patterns interwoven with vibrant disco toms, and layered with an elastic guitar riff drawing inspiration from Kenyan kikuyu and benga styles. Incorporating No-Wave with 70s and 80s Afro-Latin psychedelia, the band then interprets it through the context of the modern Amsterdam electronic scene. Who better then, than fellow city-dwellers Dam Swindle to take it through another iteration and perspective.

Dam Swindle put their signature stamp on the remix, taking the track into another realm of dance-worthiness – along with a silky, effervescent flute solo from Han Litz transporting it… more
Chocolate machine is playing
Chocolate machine is playing
Push it, push it
Beam play the machine
Hey man hey what a vibe
Your mind will explode
Ja man ja man ja man
Oh together on the flight
One thing we don’t know
Oh press the thing and die
Space drum machine gun
released March 13, 2020
Artwork by Riccardo Corda
Remix by Dam Swindle
Mastered by Frank Herbrechter at NFM Mastering

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