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Mystics and Men [ynFree013] by Romanski

Time goes by,
waiting, while some others try,
wailing in your lullaby,
this is the end, accept or die.

Dystopian regards to you my friends.

The ship is sinking, yet the band plays on.
We welcome the persistent producer ROMANSKI under the umbrella
with some continuous escort service into the blue.
A mystery tour along decent motion & controlled emotion.

Something gets me started, something holds me down
a voice is calling, liquid drops are falling.
Tuned percussions respond on synthetic questions about:
who are we supposed to be – who´s my saviour on this free
part of programmed symmetry ?

enjoy riding with another goodie of ynFree

released December 2, 2020

Mastering by Kuzio / Rostock 2020