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SHNG073 / SN​!​PER​-​Brouillon EP by SN!PER

In the old, old time, all this land, and indeed all the whole earth was covered with sweet water. But the water dried up or disappeared somewhere, and the grasses, herbs, and plants began to spring up above the ground, and some grew, in the course of many moons, into trees, great and small, and the water was confined into streams and rivers, pools and lakes, and as the rain fell it kept the streams and rivers running, and the pools and lakes always fresh. There was no living thing moving upon the earth, until one day there sat by one of the pools a beautiful butterfly. How long she had lived, or how she came to exist, it is not known: is is suspected, however, that the water brought her forth out of some virtue that was in it. In the sky there was only the Moon glowing and shinning-on the Earth there was but this one butterfly. It is said that they met and conversed together, and that one day the Moon said: “I have an idea. I propose to make a man and a woman to live on the fruits of the Earth, for I believe that there is rich abudance of food on it for such creatures”. This is the new Shango Records EP by Sn!per and it was born by the colors of the butterfly and the pale light of the Moon. These four tracks makes us dance and we’re sure that they will make you dance too!

released December 25, 2019