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Tell Me Why You Worry EP by Burland

Mawimbi Records is proud to present the debut EP from Brighton-based producer Burland, exploring in a bold and irresistibly danceable way the relationship between UK dance music and traditional Ghanaian drumming music.

After initial involvement in a studio project with members of Ghanaian group of traditional drummers Kakatsitsi, Tom Burland travelled to Ghana to develop his own library of samples and to write new music with local talent. Inspired by the rhythmic complexities of traditional Ghanaian music, and equally influenced by UK bass & dance music genres, this EP ties the organic textures of West African music to the powerful elements of Techno, Garage, Grime, & Hip-Hop.

A powerful dance track loaded with catchy vocal hooks from Ghanaian talent Zongo Abongo, « Tell Me Why You Worry » is Burland’s most engaging song and a true demonstration of his ability to make contemporary club rhythms intertwine in a playful, highly danceable way.

« Agbekor » is an impressive rendition of a traditional Ghanaian piece, redesigned as a club/dance track. With heavy 808s and syncopated percussion, this is the EP’s ultimate dancefloor track.

A fast-paced dancefloor cut, « Riffin’ On The Bow » sits… more
released September 13, 2019

All tracks written and produced by Tom Burland.
Recorded and engineered by Scott Wade.
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin).

Vocals in “Tell My Why You Worry” composed and performed by Zongo Abongo.
Vocals in “Me So Love Ya”‘ composed and performed by Adotey Johnson (of Kakatsitsi).
Percussion in “Me So Love Ya”‘ composed and performed by Okoe Ashiboi and Samuel ‘Injoley’ Addo (of Kakatsitsi).
Beatbox in ‘Me So Love Ya” performed by Mike Ellis.

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