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SHNG068 / SANTIAGO BOHMER​-​Paloquemao EP by Santiago Bohmer

He did not sleep for a long time. When he did he had dreams of Latin America. They were good dreams until the one that woke him. He got up then and went direct from that dream to work He was well into the new story before the sun came up out of the sea and he did not look up from where he was to see how red the sun was. In the story he was waiting for the moon to rise and he
his dog’s hair rise under his hand as he stroked him to be quiet and they both watched and listened as the moon came up and gave them shadows. His arm was around the dog’s neck now and he could feel him shivering. All of the night sounds had stopped. They did not hear the elephant and David did not see him until the dog turned his head and seemed to settle into David. Then the elephant’s shadow covered them and he moved making no noise at all and they smelled him in the light that came down from the mountain. The new Shango Records is not for elephants at all but is coming from SANTIAGO BOHMER and is for dancers indeed. Feel the dancefloor Latin vibes all over and just put a smile in your face. “Paloquemao EP” is your dancefloor partner for any positive vibes dancefloor!
released October 20, 2019