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Requiem EP by Umi Copper

Enigmatic, singer-songwriter Umi Copper.

Promo Info:
“Lead track ‘All’ is an immediate statement of intent; a heart wrenching lamentation set to urgent, intricate percussion and soaring live strings. An early demo of ‘All’ caught the attention of Zane Lowe, who championed the unsigned Long Beach native, who was working as an understudy for some of the city’s most innovative soul producers at the time.

Following a deal with Black Acre and a reworking of the track, Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener debuted ‘All’ in their OTHERtone guest mix on the season two premiere of OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1.

Three further tracks will come together to comprise Copper’s astonishing debut body of work. From the cinematic awe of ‘All’ through the cold Vaudeville trap of ‘Daemon’ to the Fela swing of ‘Requiem’ and aching folk roots of ‘Cure’, Copper refuses to be pigeonholed. His unmistakable voice glides through expansive soundscapes, drawing influences old and new, from his Togolese heritage to artists as broad as Nina Simone and Thom Yorke, defying any labels that one might be tempted to impose upon the elusive up-and-coming artist.

Engaging and emotionally resonant, Copper’s innovative song craft is a force to be reckoned with, placing him firmly up there with the best of Black Acre’s notorious debutants.”
released June 15, 2018

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