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Pachamama by Abudub

Nature can inspire living beings in infinite ways in the midst of life, and each living being has its reason for being on this plane. In a way, we are all one, not just through soil or earth as geology, but the totality that the earth can represent and provide providing life, sustenance, assistance, and whatever is necessary to keep the world in harmony.

The album came under the name “Pachamama”, far beyond its representation as a deity linked to “Mother Earth” in the cultures of the Andes, Bolivians, Peruvians and Chileans, but for a feeling through experiences and experiences in the midst of forests and waterfalls from Minas Gerais in Brazil, which inspire a face-to-face dialogue with Mother Nature through sound design according to the vision of the “Abudub” project.

The songs named “Origin”, “Sentir”, “Thoughts”, “Cold Mountain”, “Tempo”, “Solo Sagrado”, is a kind of homage to “Pachamama” (Mother Earth), as permeated, preserved, by culture present in the “Andes”, musically with respect to “Mother Earth”, compared to the custom that still prevails in culture, such as food, cigarettes, and drinks that are buried in the ground always on the first day of August , when celebrating the day of “Pachamama”.

The energy coming through these experiences and experiences in nature, reflects this meaning in relation to “Mother Earth” in the vibration of “Abudub”. Listening, reflecting, and dancing for the most important element in our lives, nature. Long live Pachamama!