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Rapazes by PEDRO

Once considered Lisbon’s best kept secret, PEDRO has since claimed his spot at the forefront of one of the most exciting and vibrant club scenes in the world. After a string of local hits that never fail to ignite global dancefloors like the anthemic ‘Damaia’ or ‘Drenas’, included in the Branko-curated compilation ‘Enchufada Na Zona’ and later re-released as ‘Na Quebrada’, a vocal track with Brazil’s fastest-rising rap star Rincon Sapiência, PEDRO is set to make 2019 his year, starting with the brand new single ‘Rapazes’.

On his latest single PEDRO fully embraces the sound of Lisbon, of which he’s been one of the most prolific and exciting contributors, by diving into the legacy of the seminal Buraka Som Sistema, his biggest musical inspiration and the world-renowned phenomenon that ignited the spark that has been fuelling the Lisbon scene for over a decade. The afro-influenced and club-focused sound of Buraka has long been a major influence in the young producer’s work, who embraced it even further by sampling the low-key classic ‘Vem Curtir’, which he speeds up over his trademark larger than life drum patterns.

As he gets ready for a larger release coming later this year – and after collaborating with Branko on his new album ‘Nosso’ on the exciting ‘MPTS’ – PEDRO proudly claims himself as the rightful heir to Buraka Som Sistema’s enduring legacy, and once again provides the scene with an essential club track that will effortlessly find its way into the world’s most global-minded dance floors.
released April 5, 2019

Produced by PEDRO
Includes samples from ‘Vem Curtir (feat. Stereotyp)’ by Buraka Som Sistema
Mixed and mastered by Tom Forrest