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Philipp Thimm & Raphael Hofman – Lolite Shadows

Everything started in the dreary moonlight of a cold night. Two nightshade plants, surrounded by mist and fog, follow the loud call of a siren. They meet in a secluded bay, interested, watching each other closely. The air is soaked with a sense of intimacy. A ribbon of friendship surrounds them, resting its arms calmly on them. They feel that something connects them, but they cannot put it into words. Suddenly soft noises appear around them. At first it’s just a grumbling, whirring noise. A crack is followed by a crackling, a humming is followed by a rumbling, and a frequency followed by a thunder. Everything around them turns into an instrument, the music enabling them to speak in words. The nightshade plants wallow in the sound, captured by the racket of the night. Time wafts in trance in front of them, stops and surrenders into endless space. Suddenly beautiful, bright voices arise, surrounding them warmly. Like an orchestra, all sounds fuse into an euphoric mass up to the climax. All of the sudden everything turns quiet. Sizzling and smoke surrounds them. As if torn out of a dream, the two find themselves standing by a fire. They are no longer alone. Two more nightshade plants have joined them, dwelling in the light, looking into the fire singing along. Trembling flames making their shivering shadows dance. A flame shoots up, tearing the darkness in two. Glistening light fills the environment, banishing the night. The dawn of a new day arises with a rainbow spreading over the bay.