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Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia by Various Artists

Tiger’s Milk Records presents PERU MARAVILLOSO, the result of many years obsessively collecting Peruvian music: it’s in our blood. With a focus on ‘60s and ‘70s Latin and tropical music, this debut album features a selection of vintage cuts and unknown treasures from one of Peru’s most exciting musical eras. The vast majority of these songs were only ever pressed once on vinyl and have remained unreleased since.

Whilst recognising the music of cumbia, guaracha and the electric sound of chicha, PERU MARAVILLOSO owes as much to soul-jazz, Latin-jazz, rock and psychedelia as it does to the traditional styles of Andean, Peruvian criollo and Latin music that dominated the cultural backdrop of Peru during this era.

PERU MARAVILLOSO was compiled by Duncan Ballantyne, Martin Morales and Andres Tapia. Tiger’s Milk Records is part of Ceviche, a restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine in London.

“A pretty stunning inauguration” 4/5 Mojo

“Susana Baca has already opened the world’s ears to Peruvian heritage. This set goes even further” The Sunday Times

“A fabulous collection” PRI The World

“A scintillating compilation, how special is this?” Wax… more
released November 11, 2013