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Peradam – Martin Lefteri by eclectics

The ‘Peradam’ EP By Martin Lefteri

Eclectics’ latest release sees them hand over the leatherback gloves and ride shotgun Feel the Drive’s Martin Lefteri takes over the controls for The Peradam EP.

An epic, late-night journey, this release takes us through the pulsing heartbeat of Italo, EBM and electronic slo-mo disco. Lefteri ditches the GPS in favour of reading the landscape and feeling the terrain as his foot hits the floor.

The title track, Peradam, sets the course, a bottom-heavy bass keeping things firmly rooted while eastern-influenced melodies and acoustic guitar lines wind their way through. The influences are cast wide, throwing soft shadows in shifting shades. Progressive disco, cosmic psychedelia, hammam house… call it what you will – it’s a tune built for late nights, loose limbs and open minds.

A change of gear and we’re heading for the motorway. “Tosu Chu” goes heavy on the arpeggio to provide a deep foundation for the lighter notes and treble tones to build. The result is a new wave-inflected masterpiece that sounds like the late Pete Shelley remixing New Order for a Rimini dancefloor. And yes, the results are every bit as good as that… more
released September 6, 2020

Music: Martin Lefteri
Remixes: Timothy J. Fairplay – Ilya Santana
Artwork: Santi Oviedo
Mastering: Anthony Puglisi (SENTRALL Sound / Rollmottle)
Copy: Jah Shabby