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Palmer – Saison (TTR079) by Palmer

We’re happy to present our newest release, the long time coming EP from our label boss Palmer, “Saison” is finally here!

Natural from Rio de Janeiro and currently based in Chapada dos Veadeiros, Raphael Palmer is the mind behind Tropical Twista Records. DJ and producer since 2015, he has been an active piece in the Brazilian underground electronic music scene. Multitask by nature, Palmer balances his data analyst career with nightlife and label work, gathering inspiration from his constantly shifting surroundings.

“Saison” is about change, ever present in the constant flow of seasons. With 2 original tracks and remixes by Paul Traeumer and Kusht, the EP brings earthly tones and organic percussions together with acid basslines and soft pianos, influenced by jazz and progressive music. The dialogue presented across the tracks comes from Terrence McKenna’s speech about intuition, one of Palmer’s favorites philosopher.

Did you know? I bet you didn’t.

Esperamos que gostem e até o próximo!

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Paul Traeumer

Curated by: Palmer

Cover Art: Juliana Lira

Masters: RHR

released November 10, 2021