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MR002: Mah Noi EP by DOTT

Mah Noi EP embodies DOTT’s sound, which is deep, driven and moody, whilst keeping an organic twist throughout and clearly inspired by his home country, the key to setting the release apart and making it tasty for More Rice. The careful and precise placement of vintage Thai samples gives it that extra flavour and mystery that can engulf the listeners
and dancers, whilst the remix by Eric Volta truly transports you to another dimension.

The lead track ‘Unbreakable’ is a slow builder that creeps in with a big bassline and warm chords, sprinkled with this barely identifiable Thai vocal, giving the feeling of exploring the Thai Wilderness. Moving on to ‘Paradox’, a somewhat more emotional production, sets itself apart through the broken piano samples and occasional voice coming in and out, whilst having that effortlessly lazy groove that keeps one moving.

The B1 on the record comes as a remix from Eric Volta, giving his signature brand of tripped out sounds to ‘Unbreakable’. Volta completely re-imagines DOTT’s original, but keeps the hard hitting bassline, adding his own scattered vocal sample on top, making ‘Unbreakable’ go from exploring the Thai wilderness to… more
released March 9, 2018

Written & Produced by DOTT
Remixed by Eric Volta
Mastered by Oakfield Mastering
Artwork by Silkysinn

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