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Mirissa – J.Pool

The winter solstice marks a very special and spiritually important time of the year. Nature itself is asking us all to become more silent… to slow down… to rest. Animals go into hibernation and we as humans enjoy the sheltered comfort of our homes with a hot tea and a warm blanket.Winter is a time of darkness. The winter solstice marks the time where the days get shorter and the nights become longer. So there will be less light outside which in turn invites us to seek and find more light within. This time allows us to go deep within and to reflect upon the past and also connect with dreams and visions for the year to come. It’s a great time for meditation and prayer to let go and relax.

Tranquillitas was the goddess and personification of tranquility, security and peace.
and can be translated into „calmness“ , peacefullness and a state of security and ease.

To support you in this process of introspection and meditation we have invited old and new friends to share their unique approach on this idea. Weather you just want to sit and listen, meditate, do your yoga practice, need a soundtrack for your ceremony or are looking for some intimate and deep moments in your ectstatic dance sets this compilation will be at your service. Each track is soulfully composed and invites the listener to gently open the heart and to connect with the inner emotional landscapes to find guidance and wisdom within.

Buen Viaje y mucho amor!

Find “Tranquilitas” on Bandcamp and other platforms here:

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